Tips for showjumping

5 Easy tips to save you time and help make you unstoppable on your showjumping journey!

* The canter is the most important pace a rider must practice in showjumping training. After an initial warm up at the walk and trot, 60% of your practice time should be done at the canter. In competition,showjumping is done at the canter and lengthened canter.

* It is important to practice lengthening and shortening the canter stride. From a working canter to lenghtened canter to a working canter.This can be practised on the long sides of the arena, across the diagonal and the centre line.

* Having the correct saddle for any jumping is essential for riders to help keep their balance,on approach to the jump, the actual jump and landing. Very important for rider safety. The saddle should be correctly fitted for your horses back, bearing in mind as your horse does more training, the muscles will develop and constant monitoring that the saddle is fitting correctly is essential.

* In showjumping, keeping the horses confidence high is very important. Pracrice over the smaller obstacles until your technique improves before attempting obstacles. This will save your horses legs in order to have a longer showjumping career!

* Don’t overjump your horse/ pony. Twice or three times a week is ideal when no competitions are on. When a competition season has started, a good jumping session should be scheduled in two days prior to competition. In a two day competition, say for example on the weekend, the horse has done plenty of jumping. Again it is important not to overjump your horse. You may be keen, but it is also important to keep the horse mentally fresh.